Hello World

Welcome to cherone.co.uk the personal site of hobbyist / enthusiast PHP web developer Lawrence Cherone, on my site you can find some of my scripts ive made, questions ive answered on stackoverflow and all that good stuff.

PHP Scripts & Projects ive made:

Over time I will add PHP scripts ive made so as you can enjoy them.


A Simple PHP is a "Origin Pull" CDN Pass-through caching class, that can be used as a stand alone script or integrated into a controller of sort as a model. Its function is to automatically cache a resource E.G image, CSS, js files from your main site so as to speed up loading times by distributing requests.


This is one of my better projects :) this site and a few others are powered by cheroneCMS. Its a feature rich but lightweight MVC plugin based, CMS website framework.


WDStak is a (Couldn't be simpler) hassle-free Apache2, PHP(5.3.9), mySQL, phpmyadmin Web Development Stack for Windows.