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Welcome to the personal site of web developer Lawrence Cherone, on my site you can find some of my scripts I've made, questions I've answered on stackoverflow and all that good stuff. Happy coding!!!

Latest Bits & Bobs Development Active
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  Encryption Class
A secure HMAC 3 part shared key encryption class. RIJNDAEL_256 AES CBC @ 1024 cost, with sha256 HMAC keys.
Packagist: https://packagist.org/packages/lcherone/encryption
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base91 is an advanced method for encoding binary data as ASCII characters. It is similar to base64, but is more efficient and compact. The overhead produced by base91 depends on the input data. It amounts at most to 23% (versus 33% for base64) and can range down to 14%, which typically occurs on 0-byte blocks. This makes base91 very useful for transferring larger files over binary unsafe connections like e-mail or terminal lines.
Packagist: https://packagist.org/packages/lcherone/base91
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A Simple PHP is a "Origin Pull" CDN Pass-through caching class, that can be used as a stand alone script or integrated into a controller of sort as a model. Its function is to automatically cache a resource file like images, CSS, JS files from your main site so as to speed up loading times by distributing requests.
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  Postcodes.io API Class
A handy little class that utilises Postcodes.io API to query for UK postcodes and geolocations over HTTP. Postcodes.io uses the Office for National Statistics Postcode Directory.
Requires: rmccue/Requests
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ComposerUI makes it possible (in most cases) to use composer on shared hosting or where as you don't have access to the command line. It will automatically download and unpack composer, automatically scan your folder root for projects containing a composer.json file and make them projects selectable to install and update packages.
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A PDO connection and simple CRUD, which makes simple database operations easier, nothing to serious.
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  Signed Packet
A signed packet is when you digitally sign the data with mutually known public and private keys to secure the communications between point A and B, this class does that for you.
Uses: lcherone/encryption & lcherone/base91
Old Bits & Bobs Development Inactive
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A simple stripped down PHP TCP socket server and client, that communicates in JSON format; wrapped in a handy class. Server will parse the JSON and call controller based on route, currently its very bare and does nothing but sends JSON back. In later commits ill add something more interesting.
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A simple PHP class that will handle downloading project from GitHub, removing master- folder prefix, repacking and proxying back the project as a download.